Plexie is a team workspace where your ideas come to life 

Use it to create, collaborate, share and amaze!

Create digital experiences that inspire

Plexie is free to use and doesn’t require any special knowledge to master


Quickly and easily create and organize your thoughts into compelling experiences


Work with others to bring your ideas together and strengthen your team dynamic


Share your content with teammates in your workspace or anyone on the internet

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Plexie is a new type of document

A power document that allows you to communicate more effectively and persuasively – bringing all your ideas and content together in a highly visible and engaging experience.

Plexie tells the story of your work through your own writing, outside content and media, creating a powerful, engaging and highly visible presentation for your audience.

Team Collaboration

Create, work together, and organize your knowledge to be a better team.

Plexie helps you take disorganized information across your organization and turn it into knowledge to drive your work forward.

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Studying & Notes

Take beautiful notes, work together, and build a body of work.

Plexie equips you to write, share content, and collaborate with others to transform your studies into knowledge.

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Sales Enablement

Engage your audience using a new type of sales resource, a powerful web portal.

Plexie allows you to communicate more effectively and persuasively with your prospects to help close the deal.

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Plexie is a place where ideas,
​​​​​​​plans and work can be collaboratively developed

Plexie brings together all the parts of expressing and implementing an idea, plan, campaign or work initiative into highly visual, interactive pages that can include documents, spreadsheets, images, videos, websites, apps, news, and other data.

Plexie provides a cohesive, warm collaboration experience where team members share thoughtful ideas that bring new possibilities into reality.

To keep the best talent and to motivate teams to their highest potential requires a greater sense of shared purpose and community.

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